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A world first in classical music



In March 2014, the principal woodwind players from one of the world's leading orchestras, the Czech Philharmonic, recorded an exciting and unique classical music album—the first of its kind—devoted entirely to new music written for the woodwind orchestra.

Featuring music especially written for the woodwind orchestra by living British composers, Twisted Skyscape showcases an unfamiliar, unusual and kaleidoscopic soundworld created by flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons and saxophones—an instrumental line-up that many music lovers will be encountering for the very first time!

The ambition of the album's conductor Shea Lolin and composer/producer Christopher Hussey is to introduce new audiences to the power of the medium, and being the first recording dedicated to contemporary woodwind music, it is a much-needed disc, giving a voice to both the genre and some fantastic pieces.

Hussey says of the woodwind orchestra, “it has a highly adaptable and magical tonal palette—it can be, in turn, boldly vibrant and delicately beautiful, thrillingly powerful and hauntingly tender, earnestly solemn and joyously comical!”

Its variety is captured here in an enjoyable and powerful selection of five accesible modern concert works, four of which have never been released before, by composers Philip Sparke (Overture for Woodwinds), Adam Gorb (Battle Symphony), Gary Carpenter (Pantomime) and Christopher Hussey (Twisted Skyscape, Dreamtide).

Conductor, Shea Lolin, says “I have long since wanted to record the works we are including on the disc—I am really passionate about British music and I want to promote wind music in the best way that I can, so this project brings together for me several components that I care deeply about.”

Featured composer Gary Carpenter says of the album, “The woodwind orchestra project is exciting and innovative and I am delighted–indeed honoured–to be involved with it.”

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